Gianna Forbis

Gianna Forbis

Raleigh, North Carolina

Junior at N.C. State University. Current Internships at N.C. State Football in Creative Video and Icepack Hockey for N.C. State!

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NC State Icepack
NC State Football
Zak Selwaeh
Ross Joyner
Kaydee Gawlik
Harrison Eaton
Hailey Germann

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Gianna Forbis, (aka @GiannaForbis2), is a social media manager based in Raleigh, North Carolina. With 22 posts, Gianna has over 42k views and 14k likes. Gianna has also worked as a creative media intern. Gianna has collaborated with top companies and creatives like NC State Icepack, NC State Football, and Hailey Germann.