Creator Stories: Featuring @otfgordon, Gordon Smith

Oct 21, 2022

A whole lot can change in a year.

From working DoorDash to hitting 500 million views in 2022, Gordon Smith has been extra busy in 2022!

Here’s his inspirational creator story.

Gordon’s love for creating came organically. He was big into YouTube, following Casey Neistat and casually using his parent’s camera in high school.

Ready to turn his passion into a career, he enrolled at SCAD in Atlanta in 2017. While SCAD was amazing for traditional filmers, Gordon knew that creating for social was the future. In the Spring of 2019, he left to pursue his own career full-time.

Like many, he struggled at first. Life wasn’t nearly as glamorous as some might have seen on social. His day-to-day included one-off filming gigs and working a landscaping job to make ends meet. After 2 years of grinding non-stop, Gordon almost called it quits.

He credits his girlfriend for supporting him through the time times and always encouraging him.

“She’d help with groceries and tell me that she believed in me. No way I could’ve done it without her.”

Then, in 2021, he saw a post from @vicblends. Vic was looking for a videographer to help him push out more content.

Having been from the same town Fayetteville, NC, he sensed this was a real opportunity.

Vic’s girlfriend managed emails at the time instead of some big influencer management company. She saw Gordon’s message and passed it to Vic, who was thrilled to reconnect with his old classmate. They started working together and the rest was history.

From there, Gordon was intro’d to @AlexStemplewski at a creator meetup. Alex loved his work and wanted to bring him on full-time. The content they’ve produced since has racked up 55 million likes in 2022 alone.

Gordon’s story is all about perseverance and maximizing your opportunity. Success happens slowly, then all at once. You never know what can be right around the corner!

Why does @otfgordon love Gondola?

“It helps me show the impact of my work. My parents don’t really get social media, so I just show them my Gondola profile and they understand why what I do is valuable.”

Adding reassuring creator’s parents to the website now 🤣

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