Introducing: Milestones

Nov 23, 2022

Celebrate your achievements on Gondola

Get ready to brag, the Gondola feature you’ve been waiting for is here—milestones. You should be so proud of all your achievements and we at Gondola can’t wait to see what you do next.

(more to come…😉)

Celebrations and achievements are so important to us and our community that we decided to create a section on your profile highlighting the milestones you have conquered. That’s right, all your mountains of milestones in one easy place.

Check out the latest features, which include milestones from credited posts, views, and likes from your content on Gondola.

We want everyone to shout their milestones from the mountaintops. Every time you hit a milestone, if you’re enrolled in email notifications, you’ll receive a customized card featuring your monumental achievement! From there, you can share your milestone(s) on social by saving the image in your email!

Don’t forget to tag us, @ongondola, so we can celebrate with you! 🎉