Jan 4, 2023

Every Creative needs a year-end “wrapped”.

Why not make a recap automatically for everyone on Gondola? It should include your best work, stats & who you’ve worked with.

Gondola Replay is a yearly review of your content that has been added to Gondola. It’s an easy way to recap the photos, videos, and work that you’ve done throughout the year.

Gondola Replay breaks down your 2022 year on Gondola and shows you your total number of credited posts, engagement metrics, top collaborators, creator profile categories, and more. It also shows you all the credited work you’ve produced.

Gondola Replay is a great way to highlight all the roles you’ve had, and collaborations you’ve worked with, and a place to reflect on your total work output within the last year.

Gondola Replay is a great way to take note of your hard work and to reflect on the type of content you’ve produced. It also gives you an easy way to discover new creators. By exploring your top posts and collaborations, it’s never been easier to show off your creative portfolio in one place.

Get access to yours via the iOS App or web on Thursday, January 5th. Pros will have access to it a day early so be on the lookout! Make sure to share your #GondolaReplay with the world and tag us!