Creator Stories: Featuring @owenmoy, Owen Moy

Nov 16, 2022

In high school, I was known as the kid with the GoPro, making fun little videos for my friends. People started reaching out to me to edit their sport highlight tapes to send to colleges and that‘s how I got started in video editing and freelance. This is where I fell in love with the idea of shooting and working in sports.

As a backup goalie, I used my time on the bench to focus on documenting everything. I created a documentary series following my hockey team and a 15-minute document about my lacrosse team’s journey to winning the state championship.

Combining my passion for my favorite sports with my passion for filmmaking was something I became addicted to. The next year I did everything I could to level up my content, I reached out to AJ Dillion via Instagram who was at Boston college at the time and filmed a summer workout. This eventually led to connecting with Boston College athletics and Joey Mizutani who had me come assist in shooting hockey, basketball, lacrosse and football. After that, I shot a ton of college lacrosse with Harvard, Brown, Providence College, and Yale.

During this time, I connected with professional lacrosse player Rob Pannell via Instagram and pitched him to start a YouTube channel. I would take the train from Providence to NYC and spend weekends with him shooting content and building out his channel.

In my later years of high school, I became super into making patriots highlight edits just for fun as a fan. One of my edits was a retirement edit for Gronk (the first time he retired) that ended up going semi-viral with New England fans and actually was noticed by Rob's girlfriend, Sports Illustrated Model Camille Kostek. She reached out to me on Instagram and immediately started sending me videos to edit. She really loved my editing style and we immediately started working together. We launched a YouTube channel and created content all the time similar to my relationship with Rob Pannell. She ended up landing the cover of Sports Illustrated shortly after we met so there was a lot of content to be made.

During this time, I had more eyeballs than ever on my work, and with that came a bunch of connections. I connected with Julian Edelman and 1Up Sports Marketing doing projects for Call of Duty and Julian’s merch company and capturing content for Tom Brady’s company TB12 during Pats training camp, and of course, Gronk.

At this point, I was in my senior year of high school and still pretty unsure of what I wanted to do in terms of post-high school. It was a huge question — college or not. Eventually, after talking to a ton of people in the industry and listening to the pros and cons of both I decided to skip college and become a full-time freelancer. I saved so much money by not going to school and was still able to build out a strong portfolio due to my existing clients.

My first year after high school was a weird one, I traveled to New York City to cover fashion week with Camille and did some contract work with Harvard Lacrosse for their 2020 season. But then of course everything came to a halt. I lost all of my freelance work and didn’t really know what to do at the start of the pandemic. When sports began to start back up, I put a greater focus on football working with various players off the field and was able to land a Live Content Creator position with the NFL alongside the New England Patriots. My first year working with the NFL was a dream come true, but it felt weird to film football games in an empty stadium. This was an incredible experience and something I’ll never forget.

Going into 2021 I started looking for a full-time role with a sports team and landed a job with the NHL alongside the San Jose Sharks. I moved across the country from Rhode Island to San Jose and became a Video Producer for the Sharks. I traveled with the team, captured games, and press conferences, as well as edited content for all their social platforms. I had an incredible year in California with the Sharks and just recently accepted a role at Bauer outside of Boston as a Content Creator and also returning to the Patriots' LCC team.

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