Creator Stories: Featuring Ali Overstreet

Aug 31, 2023

Ali Overstreet is a St. Louis-based Live Social Contributor for the NHL and Live Content Creator for MLB, and she’s been thriving in the industry for 5 years. After she graduated college, Ali applied for an internship with the St. Louis Blues via TeamWork Online (everyone’s favorite sports job board). She secured the gig, and worked as a Digital Media Intern during the team’s legendary Stanley Cup run — she even got hit in the face with a puck or two.

At the Blues, Ali found mentorship from her coworkers, who she still credits as inspirations for her work today. Elise Butler introduced Ali to social, allowing her to contribute to the team’s accounts despite Ali’s job in Digital Media. Scott Rovak also guided her as she transitioned to using a DSLR camera to shoot content, and has been a welcoming force in the photography world ever since.

Ali is incredibly open to new experiences to grow as a creator — she knows she has a lot to learn still, but also isn’t afraid to recognize how far she’s come. When she looks back at the work she is proudest of, two moments that especially stand out are shots of St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Nolan Arenado and Blues right winger Jordan Kyrou.

Ali captured Nolan Arenado’s most recent walk-off homer at Busch Stadium against the San Francisco Giants. She filmed the moment Arenado met the rest of the Cardinals at home plate, truly showcasing the team’s excitement. The energy she caught was important to her because she enjoys being able to humanize athletes and showcase them in a positive light. Of course, Ali loves knowing that she is also creating memories for players to look back on fondly in the future and feels grateful to be able to do so.

@mlb via Instagram | Gondola

Another meaningful picture Ali captured is of Jordan Kyrou celebrating a goal. She didn’t even realize it got used in the St. Louis Blues’ 22–23 Yearbook until recently, and she doesn’t think she’ll ever get used to seeing her work on team accounts and marketing materials.

@nhl via Instagram | Gondola

Ali owes a lot of her success to the people around her, and could not be more appreciative of the support from her friends, family, and colleagues. Surrounding yourself with people who have full confidence in you and your dreams is crucial to success.

If Ali had to give one piece of advice to other creators, it would be that you’re never “too good” for a job or task. Whether that means working the front desk or wrapping pucks, you’ll showcase your work ethic and build strong relationships with people in the industry who you may not have come across otherwise.

Aside from capturing our Cardinals’ obsessed intern’s favorite pictures in sports, Ali is a wolf aficionado. She collects Call of the Wild books with different covers (she currently has over 50), and has photographed for the Endangered Wolf Center in Missouri.

Check out Ali’s work and her socials below:

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