Introducing: Gondola Connections AI

Nov 17, 2023

We saw the importance of connecting creators to their work. Now, we want to connect to creators, companies, and everyone in between. Gondola’s NEW Connections AI feature lets you see how far you are from your dream client, favorite creator, or a random celebrity. Powered by your Gondola credits, Connections AI aims to make social media social again.

Before you use Connections AI, you’ll need at least one credit on your profile. To find the Connections AI page, navigate to the top, and you’ll be sure to notice a new icon. Once there, all you have to do is enter two Gondola profiles, and VOILA, you’ve got your connections!

Just a warning for free users: you’ll only get five matches, so use them wisely. If you sign up for Gondola PRO ($9.99/month), you’ll get unlimited connections along with a whole host of other features.