Creator Stories: Featuring Meghan Norton

Sep 22, 2023

In college, Meghan Norton was introduced to Twitch streaming and the idea of being a content creator. She had just experienced a traumatic event that caused her to lose sight of who she was, but she realized that on Twitch streams, she could be exactly who she wanted to be — she had re-found her identity.

Prior to beginning streaming on Twitch, Meghan had no content creation experience. However, after streaming 4 to 7 hours a day on top of being a full-time college student and interning, Meghan became a partnered Twitch Streamer, becoming one of the first 5,000 creators to do so. The same year, she was nominated as the best new coming World of Warcraft streamer. Her dedication clearly paid off, and has allowed her to work as a content creator for the past 9 years. Today, Meghan primarily creates independently, but has occasionally done brand management or administrative assistant work for other creators.

At some point, Meghan transitioned from gaming to Disney content. Unfortunately, she soon began to face the same struggles as other female gamers. Despite her initial positive experiences with her early viewers and supportive friends, as Meghan gained popularity, she felt demeaned, had her boundaries crossed, and was constantly questioned about if she was a “real gamer” or not. She realized that Disney content creation aligned better with her interests anyways, and despite being told she shouldn’t enter that niche, made the switch anyways. Comments telling her that she couldn’t do it only made her want to try, and since making the content shift, she’s never been happier.

Meghan was one of the first, if not the only, person live streaming on Twitch while at Disney parks. Once the pandemic closed the parks, she transitioned to short form video on TikTok, which has become her most popular platform with over 137k followers. She makes about 20 short form videos a week now —including ads for Disney Music Group — and edits, films, and posts the content entirely on her own. She is grateful to be creating light hearted and easily consumable content, and knows that she is nurturing her inner child, as silly as it seems.

Whether with gaming or Disney content, Meghan’s inspiration comes from living a life deeply engrossed in her hobbies and fandoms. In her early Twitch days, her affinity for World of Warcraft is what connected her to the gaming community. Then, as she gained more female audience members, she started to showcase the fandom fashion content she has always wanted to.

Meghan is also deeply inspired by all the incredible independent business that she gets to make content for. She loves seeing how creative they are, and the products these businesses come up with and send her constantly astound her. It’s one of the reasons that unboxing videos are her favorite type of content to make — she wants to make sure that these small business get a chance to go viral and get the attention they deserve.

There are several points that Meghan wants to make to other creators. First, know that success in the industry does not come without consistency and the vulnerability to share yourself to the world. Your content may not stick at first, or even falter at different points in your career, but don’t get discouraged. Meghan’s consistent grind and sharing of content that was true to her is what helped her build an authentic following across all platforms.

Meghan is also a strong believer in having the same username on every platform. In her case, it has helped her scale her following because people can always find her @snugzmeow. But if you’re too lazy to manually search, we’ve linked her work and socials below:

Gondola | Website | Instagram | TikTokTwitter