Creator Stories: Featuring Trevor Diedrich

Sep 8, 2023

As a college soccer player, Trevor Diedrich had always envisioned working with fellow athletes in the future. We’re guessing he may have some psychic abilities, because he’s worked for four professional sports teams since that initial premonition in 2016.

In college, Trevor took a Gen Ed art class that made him realize that graphic design was the perfect mix between technology and art. Shortly after, he applied for and secured a Digital Design internship with the Milwaukee Bucks. He worked with the Bucks’ digital team during their 2015/16 rebrand, where he created just about every type of digital asset — social media graphics, wallpapers, digital ads, emails, and even billboards.

After his gig with the Bucks, Trevor went on to work with the Los Angeles Galaxy, University of Illinois Athletics, the New Orleans Saints, and the New Orleans Pelicans. He furthered broadened his experience through a position with baseball product manufacturer Marucci Sports before settling into a job with his current agency, Fox Hammer Media.

Despite his clear success in the industry, Trevor is constantly surprised by the projects he works on. He recently collaborated with the 2K Games’ social team, which was a surreal experience. Trevor never expected to work with the company that made the games he played growing up, and is beyond thankful to work with clients that make him want to create every day.

@nba2k via Instagram | Gondola

Trevor has two main sources of inspiration for his work. Obviously, the first is the amazing sports creative community. He loves seeing other creators’ work (especially on Gondola of course), which fuels him to be better with his own projects. His second is his grandfather, who always had a camera hanging from his neck, and is the primary reason why Trevor initially developed an interest in photography. Trevor’s love for taking photos has translated well into his career, since he can take the photos that he uses in his designs rather than relying on others behind the camera.

Trevor’s advice to graphic designers, whether in sports or not, is to be well versed in all mediums and a master of every design program. Adobe Photoshop is not the only platform that professional designers use, and you’ll make yourself more valuable by knowing more than just the basics. As for sports specifically, he wants graphic designers to know that sports design is more than just the flashy graphics you seen on social media. The project load inside of sports organizations includes ticket designs, t-shirts, posters, and other merchandise as well.

In our professional opinion, the only thing more beautiful than Trevor’s graphics is his husky/adventure buddy, Raya. But to make your own judgement, check out Trevor’s work and his socials below:

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