Gondola Now Has an iOS App

Nov 1, 2022

Gondola is on the GO!

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Gondola has never been easier to use than with the launch of our iOS app.

If you’re new here, Gondola is a digital portfolio for creatives to take credit for their work and access their social analytics—regardless of which account or platform the work is housed on. Gondola creators can also use their curated Gondola portfolio to cultivate new opportunities, market themselves to new prospects and tap into a network of top creators and brands.

“There’s no better tool than Gondola to showcase your work since I’ve been in the social media industry and having an iOS app makes it that much better. Farewell bookmarks, unorganized documents full of links and trying to track down that one unreal video I made but I don’t remember when it was published. Hello beautiful portfolio.”
- Neil Tenant, Creator Marketing Manager for the NHL
The Gondola app and its preview for various pages including profile page, creator page, homepage, and post page

With the new Gondola app, a creator’s portfolio is easily accessible and in one mobile-friendly place. The Gondola app now allows users on-the-go to give credit from anywhere, to anyone who worked alongside them. With the new share integration, users can share their social posts directly to their Gondola app and begin giving credit to their teammates and co-creators, seamlessly and efficiently. Easily share social posts straight to your Gondola app to begin giving credit to your teammates and co-creators.

So next time you’re scrolling the small screen and see the video you animated is up over 3.1M views, you don’t have to miss a beat taking credit for all that engagement — just share with the Gondola app and give credit where credit is due: to you!

“Gondola has become a necessity for thousands of creators every day. The iOS app makes it easier for any person in the world to take credit for their work or find out who made the content they’re consuming, straight from their social media apps.”
- Jared Keinstein, Founder of Gondola

For more information or to join, visit http://gondola.cc and head to https://apps.apple.com/us/app/gondola-social-credits/id1633545646 to download the iOS app.

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