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From the Gondola blog

Creator Stories: Featuring @liddiation, Lydia “Lid” Peterson
Mar 10, 2023

Lydia is now a Senior Digital Content Editor at National Football League (NFL).

Introducing Gondola’s Newest Feature Yet: Creator Lists
Mar 3, 2023

Gondola Pro users can now save their favorite creators to lists on Gondola! ✅ Organize candidates for a job ✅ Your favorite creators in a certain market/niche…so much more!Are you tired of losing track of all the amazing creators on Gondola that you come across? Or perhaps you’re looking to build a team and want an easy way to keep track of potential candidates? Well, look no further Gondola Pro users, because Creator Lists haveyou covered.

Creator Stories: Featuring @thirdcoasthooper, Edwin Hooper
Feb 21, 2023

Edwin started his creative career when he was playing JUCO football for Sierra College in Rocklin, CA.

Gondola Merch Drop: Ski Season Collection
Feb 13, 2023

The Perfect Gift for the Adventure Seeker and Gondola Enthusiasthttps://medium.