Introducing Gondola’s Newest Feature Yet: Creator Lists

Mar 3, 2023

Gondola Pro users can now save their favorite creators to lists on Gondola! ✅ Organize candidates for a job ✅ Your favorite creators in a certain market/niche…so much more!

Are you tired of losing track of all the amazing creators on Gondola that you come across? Or perhaps you’re looking to build a team and want an easy way to keep track of potential candidates? Well, look no further Gondola Pro users, because Creator Lists have you covered.

Creator Lists allow you to create a list to store Gondola profiles for future reference. This means you can keep track of creators within your community, candidates for a role on your team, or people you want to network with all in one convenient place. And the best part? You can create as many lists as you want!

Creating a Creator List is easy. Simply go to the profile of the creator you want to add to your list, click on the “Add to list” button, and select the list you want to add them to. You can also create a new list right from the “Add to list” button. And if you ever want to remove a creator from your list, just click on the “Remove from list” button on their profile.

But what can you use Creator Lists for, you may ask? Well, the possibilities are endless. If you’re a content creator, you can use Creator Lists to keep track of other creators in your niche or to collaborate with in the future. If you’re a manager or recruiter, you can use Creator Lists to keep track of potential candidates for roles you’re looking to fill. And if you’re just looking to network and connect with other creators, you can use Creator Lists to keep track of people you want to reach out to.

Creator Lists area powerful new feature that makes it easy to keep track of the creators you come across on Gondola. Whether you’re a content creator, manager, recruiter, or just looking to network, Creator Lists can help you stay organized and connected. So start creating your lists today and discover all the amazing creators that Gondola has to offer.

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