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gondola heads

Our mission:

Provide the first system of credits for social media, and in doing so, provide opportunities, analytics, and portfolios for the whole creative industry.

Our story:

What started as an internal agency database became a tool for the whole social media ecosystem.

Back in 2018, the Denver-based production company Fresh Tape Media was looking for a way to collect and showcase social analytics to all their clients without infringing on usage rights or just keeping an Excel spreadsheet like everyone else. “Fresh Tape Admin” (sexy name, we know) was born, the first iteration of Gondola to be used as an internal tool for Jared Kleinstein and his team. It was used this way for 2.5 years.

When the tool to tag creators from the team was added, a lightbulb moment of “wait, did we just build a system to give creators credit for their work on other people's accounts/channels? Like IMDB for social media?” set off a wild series of events. What was supposed to be an internal tool became a tool made available for every creative around the globe.

Gondola is named after a ski Gondola because yes, you can make it to the top alone, but the ride is always better with a great group of people. Oh, and we're based in Colorado, so it was inevitable that we'd have a ski-related name. Gondola's beta officially launched in February 2022, and the iOS app dropped in November 2022. We're happy to have you along for the ride!