10:60 Designs /Adrian Lobo Figueroa

10:60 Designs /Adrian Lobo Figueroa

Boston, Massachusetts

💻 Bilingual Creative Producer; 10:60 Designs🏆 2021 & 2023 IFL Champ

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Massachusetts Pirates
Bay Area Panthers
SAP Center
Ocean View Sports
Indoor Football League
Peterson sport’s management
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10:60 Designs /Adrian Lobo Figueroa, (aka @1060Designs), is a creative producer based in Boston, Massachusetts. With 1k posts, 10:60 has over 5m views and 273k likes. 10:60 has also worked as a graphic designer, photographer, content producer, and creative. 10:60 has collaborated with top companies and creatives like Massachusetts Pirates, Bay Area Panthers, SAP Center, Ocean View Sports, and ScoopDrip.