Sullivan Lee Gaudreault

Sullivan Lee Gaudreault

Washington, DC

Documentary Filmmaker | Photographer | Grilled Cheese Pro

Milestones Achieved
Top Collaborators
BBC Radio 1
Omar Alshogre | عمر الشغري
Athletics & Recreation
Syrian Emergency Task Force
Voice of Rukban | صوت الركبان
Cheese Louise 🧀
Recharge Media
Prisons & Justice Initiative

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Sullivan Lee Gaudreault, (aka @Sullivang24), is a filmmaker based in Washington, DC. With 266 posts, Sullivan has over 17m views and 790k likes. Sullivan has also worked as a video editor, photographer, director, and audio designer. Sullivan has collaborated with top companies and creatives like BBC Radio 1, Omar Alshogre | عمر الشغري, Athletics & Recreation, Syrian Emergency Task Force, and Voice of Rukban | صوت الركبان.