Josh "JMac" McDaniel

Josh "JMac" McDaniel

Downsville, Louisiana

Chief of sinners 路 Amanda's husband 路 Davis & Eleanor's dad 路 LA Tech Sports & Freelance Photog 路 Tryna make the South a better place for all humans

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Arkansas State Women's Basketball 馃弨
Northwestern State University
UAB Football
Diamond Dogs
Rice Football

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Josh "JMac" McDaniel, (aka @TheRealJoshMAC), is a photographer based in Downsville, Louisiana. With 60 posts, Josh has over 1k views and 7k likes. Josh has also worked as a sr. social media manager and graphic designer. Josh has collaborated with top companies and creatives like Arkansas State Women's Basketball 馃弨, Northwestern State University, RiderBaseball, UAB Football, and Diamond Dogs.