Phoebe Rensink

Phoebe Rensink

Bloomington, Indiana

Ball State Media and Swim & Dive Alum, Emmy Nominee

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Top Collaborators
Katherine Janosky
Ball State Media
Filmmaker | Photographer
Natalia Galiana❤️✨
Jordan Kennedy-Rea
Rachael Squier
Ethos Fitness
Ball State Swim & Dive
Sam Baumann
Dorian Jones

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Phoebe Rensink, (aka @phoebe.rensink07), is a cinematographer based in Bloomington, Indiana. With 32 posts, Phoebe has over 18k views and 1k likes. Phoebe has also worked as a editor, graphic designer, director, and photographer. Phoebe has collaborated with top companies and creatives like Katherine Janosky, Ball State Media, Ethos Fitness, Jordan Kennedy-Rea, and Filmmaker | Photographer.